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Company Overview

Corp2Corp Inc is a leading provider of collaborative and enterprise level IT solutions which built advancements around technology constraints and domain expertise to offer unique business intelligence with impactful insights on effective decision making.

Corp2Corp Inc helps organizations gain business value through technical insights and provides dynamic solutions for various verticals, including IT solutions, IT consulting, Automobile, Banking, Consumer Packaged Goods, Insurance, Media, Retail, Life Sciences, Travel, Transport and Hospitality amongst others.

We offer end-to-end solutions on enterprise applications while mapping and processing spatial data analysis and integration through intellectual thought processing. For the enterprise sector, our services and solutions cover the entire business-scope for the process industry, from design to functionality excellence.

Our approach in advancement of technology solutions enabled us to be one of the main-stream IT solutions provider with differentiated service offerings. We offer comprehensive range of services right for development process to enterprise-level application implementation and systems integration on multiple hierarchy level platforms.

Our technological expertise encompasses With deep domain expertise in our chosen verticals, We provide a comprehensive range of technology services for a company requirements and needs – right from the initial assessments, to solution development of an process roadmap, including evaluation of Cloud based computing models, through sizing and implementation of solutions for infrastructure configurations and enterprise-level security applications and analytics, with on-going technical support.